13.5.34. Removal and installation of a jet of windscreen washer of a windshield


  1. Open a cowl.

Jets of windscreen washer are established from the lower party of a cowl.

  1. By means of a plastic wedge, for example, allocate for HAZET 1965-20 the jet basis from a cowl.
  1. Remove a water hose from a jet.
  1. If necessary, disunite the socket of heating of a jet.



  1. Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.
  2. At the same time the water hose has to be recorded distinctly on a jet of washing of a windshield.
  3. Close a cowl and check operability of jets, if necessary, adjust.



  1. The direction of a stream of jets can be adjusted by means of the special tool 3125A or HAZET 4850-1. For this purpose insert a mandrel into a jet and apply a tag on glass.

Do not apply a needle since in this case it is possible to damage water channels of jets as a mandrel.

  1. Mark with a felt-tip pen on a windshield 4 points to which the water stream has to get.

    and — from 250 to 275 mm (a cabriolet: 340 mm)
    b — from 465 to 490 mm (a cabriolet: 500 mm)
    with — from 270 to 415 mm (a cabriolet: 450 mm)
    d — from 140 to 225 mm (a cabriolet: 280 mm)

The specified adjusting sizes are established from an external edge of glass and represent anticipatory values for the moving car, i.e. in a motionless state jets give the stream which is a little displaced upward.

  1. If the stream is not regulated or is uneven, the jet needs to be replaced.
  1. If it is necessary, remove a jet for its cleaning and blow compressed air via the union for a hose.

Do not blow a jet against the direction of liquid.