13.5.21. Removal and installation of facing of a trunk lid

Facing of a trunk lid

1 — Facing of a trunk lid
2 — Holders of a clip

3 — Bolts, 2 pieces.
5 — the Holder of the warning sign




  1. Open a luggage carrier and uncover the luggage carrier lock.
  2. Turn out the screw (3) in an aperture under the handle.
  3. Take out the warning sign.
  4. Turn out 2 bolts of fastening (4) and remove the holder of the warning sign (5).
  5. Models with an emergency unblocking: Uncover, turn out a bolt and remove the emergency lever.
  6. Remove facing (1) from holders of a clip (2).



  1. Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.