13.5.33. Replacement of elastic bands of brushes of a screen wiper

Replacement needs to be made at deterioration of purification of glass. At the same time it is possible to replace only elastic bands, or complete with brush holders. If only elastic bands are replaced, it is necessary to check whether has deformations the brush holder.



  1. Raise the lever and you hold a brush perpendicularly to the lever.
  1. Press a spring clip in the direction of an arrow and put forward a brush from a hook on the lever down. Unhook a brush of the lever.
  1. Squeeze flat-nose pliers on the closed party of a brush both steel tires and take out them sideways from the top bracket. Further extend rubber together with guides from the brush bracket rest.



  1. Insert a new elastic band without tires into the lower brackets of a brush.
  1. Enter both tires into the first flute of a brush so that grooves of tires showed towards an elastic band and record in flute pads.
  1. Squeeze both steel tires and a brush of a passatizhama and insert into the top bracket so that bracket pads on both sides entered grooves (the shooter on an accompanying illustration) brushes.
  1. Insert a brush (2) into the lever (1). At the same time the brush of the left lever has to connect to a collar, and the directing pad has to enter a brush.
  1. Press fixings the button and fix a brush.
  1. Cast away a brush back. You watch that the brush elastic band on all length adjoined to glass, if necessary, carefully turn in the holder.