Відносини між батьками і дітьми

1. Introduction

The offered text is followed by explanatory illustrations. Each illustration is included in structure of the paragraph which material it is designed to add, and numbered as appropriate.

The description once of the procedures mentioned in the text usually the second time does not repeat. Instead a reference to appropriate section (subsection, etc.) the corresponding Chapter where this procedure already met is in case of need made.

References to the provision of knot or component at the left or on the right on the car are based on the assumption that the reader is in the driver's place face forward.

Descriptions in this manual are stated in a simple and available form. If accurately to follow instructions in the text and to accompanying illustrations, there should be no difficulties.

It is necessary to pay due attention to the technical requirements and the moments of an inhaling of threaded connections tabulated Specifications at the beginning of each Chapter. It is necessary to be guided by specifications when performing all works. In separate sections the necessary sizes and values for adjustment are given not always.

Simple operations as, for example "to open a cowl" or "to weaken wheel nuts", are meant as self-evident and also are mentioned not always.

On the contrary, in the text the most difficult procedures are in detail described.