3.30. Replacement of the fuel filter

Gasoline and diesel fuel are extremely flammable therefore during the work with any components of fuel system it is necessary to take special precautionary measures. You do not smoke and do not approach the venue of works with naked flame or the carrying unprotected by the lamp shade. You do not perform such works in the garages equipped with the heating devices using natural gas (such as vodogre, dryers, etc.). The working platform has to be ventilated well. At hit of gasoline on skin immediately wash away it water with soap. When carrying out any works with fuel system put on goggles and you hold near at hand the fire extinguisher.

Petrol engines

The procedure of replacement is described in the Section Removal and installation of the fuel filter.

Diesel engines

Replacement of the fuel filter. Diesel engine of 1.9 l

Replacement of the fuel filter. Diesel engine of 2.5 l


  1. Remove a lock bracket (5) and the adjusting valve (2) with the attached fuel hoses.
  2. Disconnect from branch pipes fuel hoses (3) and (4).
  3. Weaken a collar on the holder (1) and take out the filter from the holder.
  4. Fill the new filter with pure diesel fuel. Thanks to it it will be possible to start the engine quicker.
  5. Insert the filter in the holder, displace it down and tighten a collar.
  6. Insert the adjusting valve with the attached hoses. At the same time you monitor the correct provision of a sealing ring in the filter case.
  7. Install a lock bracket on the adjusting valve.
  8. Put on hoses connecting branch pipes. Fix hoses by collars.
  9. Start the engine. At the same time air from fuel system is removed.
  10. Visually check fuel system for tightness.