3.20. Lubricant of limiters of doors, cylinders of locks, hook of a cowl, movable panel of the hatch of a roof


  1. Grease a hook of a cowl only in the points shown on an accompanying illustration by shooters A2 AUDI-G 052 778 lubricant.

Lubricant of the limiter of a door and cylinder of the lock


  1. Grease the limiter of a door only in the points shown on an accompanying illustration by shooters, A2 AUDI-G 052 778 lubricant.
  1. Grease the cylinder of the lock of doors and a cover of a back also with A2 AUDI-G 052 778 lubricant. For this purpose grease a key and insert it several times into the lock. Then wipe a key.

Movable panel of a roof: Cleaning and lubricant of guides


1. Open the movable panel and clear become seen guides.

Paste over with paper the adjacent surfaces having a paint and varnish covering.

2. Grease guides with special A2 AUDI-G 052 778 lubricant.

Do not apply any other lubricant. It can lead to failures in operation of the movable panel.

If at a rain and washing of the car in salon via the movable panel water gets, eliminate leakage on HUNDRED.

Lubricant of loops of a trunk lid, model with identification number to No. 080 000, year of release of 2002

Carrying out work will require aerosol VW/AUDI G 000 115 A2 oil.


  1. Open a back door.
  2. Uncover left/right loops if they are available.
  1. Grease four hinges on each loop in prileganiye points to levers (shooters on an accompanying illustration) with aerosol VW/AUDI oil.

That oil hit the necessary nail of lubricant, insert the tube which is included in the aerosol package into the spraying head. Several times stir up to bank for an aerosol. Too strongly the bank since otherwise foam is formed that reduces penetration of oil should not stir up.

  1. Clear hinges and a body of surplus of oil and, if necessary, put on protective caps.