3.3. Schedule of routine maintenance

The offered recommendations assume independent performing procedures of service of the car by its owner unlike the works which are carried out at car repair shop of representative office of the company. Though this schedule is made on the basis of recommendations of manufacturer, intervals between the majority of procedures, at the discretion of the owner of the car, it is possible to reduce, for example, check and replacement of lubricants and liquids should be made with the intervals providing the maximum service life of the engine or drive. Besides, if the owner of the car is interested in supporting him in a condition of the maximum readiness for operation on a case of possible resale, many procedures can be performed more often. We only welcome a similar initiative.

Initial service and check of the new car has to be made at car repair shop of representative office of firm for the purpose of performance of conditions of the guarantee certificate. Such check is made free of charge.

Each 15000 km of a run or time in 12 months


Box of switching of transfers / main transfer

Forward suspension bracket / steering

Body / internal equipment


Electric equipment

Each 30000 km of a run or time in 2 years

Additional works

Each 2 years

Each 4 years

Each 60000 km

Each 90000 km

Each 120000 km

Each 180000 km