3.26. Replacement of an element of the filter of air of salon / coal filter of purification of air

Replacement is made according to the Schedule of routine maintenance.

The filter element is issued both performed by without, and with a tab of the absorbent carbon which is a smell absorber. Choose the filter according to the catalog of spare parts.



  1. Open a cowl. The filter is at the soaking-up branch pipe of ventilation of salon, under a cover of a water-collecting compartment.
  1. Remove rubber consolidation from a body fold, having taken away it in the direction of an arrow on an accompanying illustration forward.
  1. Uncover (1) water-collecting compartment forward.
  1. Disconnect a cover (V) in clips and remove it forward.
  1. Take out the filter from the case (C).



  1. Insert the new filter so that the arrow (D) on a frame of the filter showed in the direction of an air stream, i.e. from top to down.
  2. Establish a cover (V) so that it was recorded in both points (A) since otherwise water can get on the filter and to the conditioner.
  3. Establish into place a cover of a water-collecting compartment. Establish rubber consolidation on a falets of a body.

If the cover of a water-collecting compartment is established incorrectly, water gets into a heater and into salon.