6.1.5. Removal and installation of the fuel filter

Fuel filter. Diesel engine of 1.9 l

1 — the Stopper of removal of water
2 — the Sealing ring
3 — the Fuel filter. At the left behind the engine. Before installation fill the filter with diesel fuel
4 — a fuel supply Hose. To the dual pump
5 — the Sealing ring. Surely replace
6 — a fuel return Hose. From the dual pump
7 — the Adjusting valve. The arrow specifies towards a tank. When replacing the filter remove a lock bracket (9) and remove the adjusting valve with the attached shlaga. Remove fuel hoses. At installation of the filter pay attention to sealing rings
At a fuel temperature:
- below +15 °C pass to the filter is open
- over + 31 °C pass to the filter are closed

8 — the Hose of return of fuel to the fuel tank
9 — the Lock bracket
10 — a fuel supply Hose
11 — the Carving plug
12 — the Holder
13 — the Holder
14 — the Terminal screw
15 — the Bolt, 15 nanometers
16 — the Nut, 10 Nanometers

Fuel filter. Diesel engine of 2.5 l

1 — the Nut, 10 Nanometers
2 — the Holder
3 — the Lock bracket
4 — a fuel return Hose
5 Adjusting valve. Observe instructions to a position (7) to an ill.vysha
6 — the Hose of return of fuel to the fuel tank
7 — the Hose of supply of fuel from the fuel tank

8 — the Stopper of removal of water, 4 Nanometers
9 — the Sealing ring. Surely replace
10 — the Fuel filter with a sealing ring of the adjusting valve (5). On the right behind in a motive compartment. The direction of a stream is designated by shooters. Before installation moisten with diesel fuel
11 — the Hose of supply of fuel to TNVD
12 — the Plastic insert
13 — the Nut, 10 Nanometers



  1. Follow security measures and rules of purity stated in the Section General information and security measures.

Lifting operation and installations of the car on supports is connected with danger! Therefore before carrying out operation study Poddomkrachivaniye's Section and towage.

  1. Lift and install the car on supports.
  1. 3 Disconnect the right cover near the fuel tank (shooters on an accompanying illustration).
  1. Substitute capacity under the fuel filter.

The pipeline of supply of fuel is under pressure! Before opening of hose connection cover it with a thick rag. Then take off pressure by a careful detachment of a hose. Use goggles.

  1. Disconnect lines of supply of fuel (1) and (3) for what press on unblocking keys.
  1. Turn out the screw (2).
  2. Remove the fuel filter and merge fuel in the substituted capacity.



  1. Insert the fuel filter in the holder so that tags (1) and (2) stood opposite to each other.

The arrow on the filter specifies the directions of a current of liquid.

  1. Tighten a collar of fastening of the filter the moment of 3 Nanometers.
  1. Further installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.

After installation of the filter it is necessary to remove air from system.