14.9. Replacement of the battery of the remote control of the ignition key


  1. Open key small beards.
  1. Enter the screw-driver into deepening. Turn the screw-driver and disconnect the case of the transmitter (1) from key part (2).
  1. Take out the transmitter case from a key part.
  1. Uncover (1) cases of the transmitter and take out the battery from a cover.



  1. Insert into a transmitter case cover the new battery so that the pole of the + battery showed down. The correct polarity is in addition specified in a cover.
  2. Put a cover on the case of the transmitter and press.
  3. Insert the transmitter case into a key part and squeeze both parts against the stop.
  4. Check work of remote control. If at the same time the car opens and is not closed, it is necessary to synchronize remote control.



  1. Models till 2002: Press any key of remote control. Then within one minute manually open and close the door lock.
  2. Models since 2003: If the car is closed, open a door manually. Press a key of an unblocking of remote control. Insert a key into the ignition lock, include ignition and again switch off it. Take out a key from the lock and press a key of an unblocking or blocking.