14.3. Rassoyedineniye of sockets


  1. (A): Press the screw-driver a level (the shooter on an accompanying illustration), having pulled at the same time the plug, and disunite connection. When joining connection the distinct click has to be heard.
  2. (C): Part levels outside (arrow) and disunite the socket.

Fiber-optical cable

In modern cars the increasing application as the operating cables is found by fiber-optical cables.

They are characterized lack of losses at information transfer, and also high bandwidth of frequencies.

Instructions on security measures during the work with a fiber-optical cable

Carefully to a rasstykovyvayta sockets of fiber-optical cables.

Places of connections of fiber-optical cables should not be polluted and damaged.

Protect places of contacts by caps and traffic jams.

Do not bend, do not pull and do not rumple a fiber-optical cable.