14:31. Removal and installation of the electric motor of screenwash


  1. Open a cowl and uncover over a water-collecting compartment, address the Section Removal and installation of a cover of a water-collecting compartment.
  2. Remove screen wiper levers, address appropriate section.
  3. Disconnect a negative cable (-) of the rechargeable battery.

Observe indications of the Section Replacement of the Rechargeable Battery.

  1. Remove brackets (1), pull a lattice of a spoiler (5) forward and remove it. (2) – the cleaner lever, (3) – a cover; (4) – nut.
  1. Turn out screws (shooters) and uncover a control unit box.
  1. Remove by means of the squeezing AUDI 80-200 lever or the big screw-driver of a bar (2) from a spherical head.
  1. Mark with a felt-tip pen the provision of a crank on an assembly plate (1) of the engine.
  1. Turn off a nut and remove a crank (1) from the cleaner electric motor.
  1. Disconnect guides for a wire and a hose from a cleaner frame.
  2. Turn out screws of fastening (arrow) and take out a cleaner frame with the electric motor.
  3. Disunite the electric motor socket.
  4. Turn out three screws of fastening (arrow) and remove the electric motor from a frame.



  1. Fix the electric motor without crank on a cleaner frame. Tighten screws the moment of 9 Nanometers.
  2. Join the electric motor socket.
  3. Insert a frame with the electric motor into a motive compartment and fix by the moment 8 Nanometers.
  4. Stop the electric motor in extreme situation for what quickly switch on and off the cleaner switch.
  5. Establish a crank (1) at an angle of a = 2 ° on a shaft of the electric motor and fix it. Tighten a nut (2) the moment of 18 Nanometers.
  6. Further installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal.