13.6.9. Removal and installation of an internal mirror


  1. Automatically darkened mirror: Disconnect a cover (3), take out the plug from the holder and disunite it.

Do not turn cable channel (2).

  1. Turn a mirror (1) on a corner from 60 to 90 ° counterclockwise (arrow B) so that the lock spring was released.
  1. Remove a mirror (arrow A) back.



  1. Establish a mirror, having turned it on a corner from 60 to 90 ° and then turn it clockwise so that the lock spring was recorded.
  2. Automatically darkened mirror: Join the socket and fix it in the holder. Establish into place a cover (3).
  3. Automatically darkened mirror: Check work of a mirror. For this purpose include ignition, cover a photosensor from the forward party of a mirror and light a photosensor from a reverse side of a mirror with a pocket small lamp. The mirror has to be darkened within a short period of time.