13.6.6. Removal and installation of a cover of the lever of the gear shifting / selector


  1. Open an ashtray. Strongly pull a cover of the lever of switching (2) together with a cover (6) up, having disconnected from four clips.
  1. Remove a cover (6) up. Turn counterclockwise a nut (5) and remove the handle (4) from the lever.

Depending on model instead of a nut there can be a collar. (1) – selector cover.

  1. Press levels and disconnect a cover from a frame (3).



  1. Installation is carried out in the sequence, the return to removal. At the same time put on a cover the lever of switching (arrow B) turn a nut (5) clockwise (arrow A).

Automatic transmission



  1. Install the selector in situation "D".
  1. Turn the plug (1) counterclockwise and shift down to an emphasis.
  1. Carefully pull a stopper (2) from the handle (3) so that the collar of a cable could be advanced through a gap between a stopper and the handle.

Do not extend a stopper far since otherwise it is possible to damage the selector.

  1. Close a collar around a clamp (shooter), tighten it and hold in such situation.
  2. Remove the handle (3) from the selector up.
  3. Open a forward ashtray and disconnect a cover.
  1. Release clips (2) and take out an overlay of the selector (1) from the central console up.
  1. Disunite the socket from a slip.

For removal of the Tiptronic switch press inside stoppers (2), disconnect a slip from the lower part and take out the switch from a slip.

  1. Disconnect strong breakthrough a cover of the selector (1) from the holder of a clip and pull up.



  1. Install the selector in situation "D", establish a cover of the selector and record it.
  2. Join the socket, establish and record an overlay of the selector and a cover.
  3. Establish into place an ashtray cover.
  4. Install the handle on the selector and fix it.

The clamp at the same time has to be extended from the handle as it is described at removal, and is recorded by a cable collar. The clamp has to show towards the driver to the left.

  1. Remove a collar of a cable and press a clamp into the handle.
  2. Shift the plug on the selector up, turn clockwise and record.