13.6.14. Removal and installation of facing are permanent And


At a detachment of cables of system of a safety cushion surely observe security measures at the address with a safety cushion, address the Section General information and security measures.

  1. To exclude operation a head safety cushion, switch off ignition and disconnect at first negative, and then positive cables of the rechargeable battery. Instructions are provided in the Section Replacement of the Rechargeable Battery.
  1. Remove a solar peak, address appropriate section.
  1. Press down the handle (5) and cast away a screw cover (4) down. For this purpose enter a thin wire into a groove (7) and open a cover.
  1. Turn out screws (2).
  2. Take out a cover (9) from facing (1) and turn out the screw which is behind it.
  3. Disconnect facing (1) at spring clips (3) grooves (6) in a rack And yes extend under facing of a rack of Century.
  4. Remove from the dashboard facing of a rack A (1) back.



  1. Insert facing under consolidation of a door (8) and press the directing pad (10) in the holder of a clip. At the same time you monitor the correct provision of a sealant of a door.
  2. Press facing at spring clips (3) and record.
  3. Insert facing of a rack And under facing of a rack of Century.
  4. Check that the clip and hooks of the adapter of a safety cushion were reliably recorded.
  5. Screw the screw behind and press a cover (9) into facing.
  6. Fix the handle by the new self-stopped screws (2). Close a screw cover.

During connection of the rechargeable battery in salon there should not be people.

  1. Shoot the insulating film from the negative plug of the rechargeable battery, attach at first positive (+), and then a negative cable (-) to the rechargeable battery.

Observe indications of the Section Replacement of the Rechargeable Battery.