4.7.1. General information

Diesel 4-cylinder engine of 1.9 l of TDI

1 — the Camshaft
2 — the Block the pump nozzle
3 — the Gear belt
4 — the Glow plug
5 — Klinova a belt
6 — the Bent shaft

7 — the Oil pump
8 — the Index of level of oil
9 — the Oil filter
10 — the Flywheel
11 — the oil Refrigerator
12 — the pressurization air Refrigerator (intercooler)

Engines of 1.9 l – line, with one verkhneraspolozhenny cam-shaft (OHC). The camshaft located in a head of cylinders is set in motion through a gear belt from a bent shaft. The injection of fuel is made the pump nozzles in whom are united the fuel pump of high pressure (FPHP), the valve of management and a nozzle. The pump nozzle are set in motion from the camshaft through additional cams. The engine is equipped with a turbocompressor with changeable geometry of the turbine (VTG supercharger).