4.9. Engine lubrication system

Engines are equipped with the circulating lubrication system under pressure.

The oil pump sucks in oil through a grid from the pallet of a case and gives it under pressure to system through an oil filter. At the exit from the oil pump there is a reducing valve. At increase in pressure above the established value the valve opens and a part of oil merges back in the case pallet.

Through the central opening of an oil filter oil comes directly to the main canal. At a contamination of an oil filter perepuskny the valve directs oil to system to not filtered.

From the trunk oil main channels for lubricant of bearings of a bent shaft branch off. Through inclined openings in a bent shaft oil moves to conrod bearings. For cooling of pistons oil is injected on them from below through nozzles.

At the same time oil through vertical galleries reaches heads of cylinders and arrives for lubricant of bearings of camshafts and elements of valvate mechanisms of system of gas distribution.

Depending on engine capacity oil can be cooled in the additional oil cooler located sideways, at the case of an oil filter and included in an engine cooling system contour.