12.5.4. Removal and installation of a tip of steering draft


  1. Mark the direction of its rotation on the tire. Turn off bolts of fastening of a wheel. Lift and establish a forward part of the car on supports and remove a wheel.
  1. Turn out a bolt (1).
  1. Turn off a nut (5) and turn out a bolt (2).

Do not expand vents in the wheel bearing case with a chisel or any other similar tool.

Do not apply a chisel or any similar tool to removal of steering draft by its clogging between the pendular lever (1) and a sealing washer (2) tips of steering draft. Steering draft can be removed only by a vypressovka of the end of a pin of a tip from the steering lever or blows of the wooden or rubber hammer.

  1. Remove steering draft down.
  1. Turn off a lock-nut (3) and turn out a tip from steering draft.
  1. Wipe a tip of steering draft and a terminal opening on the wheel bearing case.



  1. Screw a tip on steering draft against the stop.
  2. Tighten a lock-nut (3) the moment of 40 Nanometers. HUNDRED AUDIS use for this purpose the V.A.G 1332/12 tool. At an inhaling keep steering draft from a provorachivaniye for a hexagon (4).
  3. Expose steering draft so that the pin of a tip was in the provision of installation.
  1. Insert steering draft against the stop into the pendular lever.

Insert steering draft into the pendular lever (1) only by hand, at the same time you do not press strongly on a sealing washer (2) tips.

  1. Insert a bolt (2) and screw a new nut (5), tighten a nut the moment of 50 Nanometers.
  1. Establish a bolt (1) and tighten its moment 7 Nanometers.
  1. Establish and fix a wheel, observing the direction of its rotation. Lower the car and only after that tighten bolts cross-wise the moment of 120 Nanometers.
  2. Take measurements of a running gear of the car (work HUNDRED).