12.4. Angles of installation of wheels of the car

The angles of installation of wheels considerably influence stability of the car, wear of tires and fuel consumption. Values of corners are given in Specifications.

Disorder is a corner between the plane of a wheel and a vertical. It can be positive if wheels are inclined outside or negative if wheels are inclined inside. The disorder corner, generally influences uniformity of wear of tires of forward wheels. If disorder of one wheel positive, and another negative, then takes away the car aside at the movement on a straight line.

The convergence is a projection of a corner between the plane of a wheel and a horizontal axis of the car on the horizontal plane. The positive convergence means that wheels are in front located more closely to each other, than behind at measurement at height of an average point of a wheel. The negative convergence means that wheels in front are at bigger distance from each other, than behind.

The cross inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel is a corner between an axis of turn of a rotary fist and a vertical, in a projection on a vertical the plane across the car.

At the expense of corners of disorder and a cross inclination of an axis of turn of a point of a contact of wheels with the road settle down closer to an axis of a rotary fist. It supports a so-called "shoulder of a running in", driving is easier for those. Also blows from roughness of a covering are less transferred to steering.

Longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel. The axis concerning which there is a turn of a wheel is placed in space so that its lower part is directed forward. Such corner of a longitudinal inclination is called positive. At positive value of a corner self-return of a wheel to average situation after turn improves.

Adjustment of a convergence of back wheels

Adjustment of disorder of back wheels