5.1.4. Removal and installation of the thermostat

At cars with the cooling system working according to the set characteristic, the ordinary thermostat is absent.



  1. Merge cooling liquid.
  1. Disconnect the lower hose of cooling liquid from a connecting branch pipe (2). Previously open a collar and completely shift it back.
  1. Turn out bolts (1) and remove a connecting branch pipe with the thermostat (4).
  1. Turn the thermostat on 90 ° to the left and take out from a connecting branch pipe.



  1. Surely replace consolidations and sealing rings.
  2. Clear sealing surfaces.
  3. Insert the thermostat (4) with a new sealing ring (3) into a connecting branch pipe (2) and turn on 90 ° to the right.

Collars of the thermostat have to stand almost vertically.

  1. Insert a connecting branch pipe with the thermostat into the block of cylinders and fix by its moment 15 Nanometers.
  2. Fill system with cooling liquid, address the Section Check of the Engine by means of the vacuum gage.