11.9. Removal and installation of a brake hose

Follow the rules of the treatment of brake fluid described in the Section Replacement of Brake Fluid.

Pipelines of the brake system carry out contact of the main brake cylinder with four wheel cylinders. Communication between rigid and mobile parts of the brake system, for example, between supports is carried out by flexible hoses of high pressure. In the presence of visible damages the last have to be replaced.

Do not allow contact of brake hoses with oil or fuel, do not paint them and do not cover with means for protection of the bottom of the car against corrosion.

The remark on security measures

If one of cameras of the tank of brake fluid (for example, with leakage in the brake system is completely emptied or if during removal of air forgot to add liquid in the tank), in system air which gets to the pump ABS is sucked in. Air from the brake system in this case has to be removed on HUNDRED with use of the special device.