8.3. Check of level of oil to the manual check point


  1. Install the car on the flat platform.
  2. Lift and install the car on the platform.
  1. Turn out a stopper for filling with oil depending on execution with a face key on 10 mm, for example, by HAZET 985-10 or a face key under a polyhedron, for example, of AUDI-3357 or HAZET 2567-16. The stopper is located at the left at the check point under the sensor of the measuring instrument of speed and can be closed by the heat-shielding screen of a power shaft.
  1. Check oil level by means of the wire bent at an angle. Level of oil has to be 7 mm below than the lower edge of an opening for an oil flood.

Filling also to the level of the lower edge of an opening is allowed. Apply only synthetic oil specified in Specifications.

  1. Tighten a stopper the moment of 25 Nanometers.

Stopper different for the check point from aluminum and magnesian alloys.